NBC – Snapshot of Candidates for Monitor Selection


The Legal Defense Fund (LDF) did an excellent job of providing a snapshot of the candidates for the Monitor selection.  Please take the time to review the snapshots and, remember, post your comments by COB on Monday, July 17 to:  Baltimore.Consent.Decree@usdoj.gov

Most of you completed a Report Card that consisted of criteria you believed were necessary for the monitor.  We encourage you to use that checklist (outlined below) as a guide in helping you make your comments.

  • Overall budget (total dollar amount)
  • % of budget going directly to community members of groups
  • Inclusion of subcontracting to community groups
  • % of team current or former law enforcement
  • Y/N proposed monitor or deputy monitor are current or former law enforcement
  • % of team that is Black
  • Y/N proposed monitor is Black
  • Y/N proposed monitor lives in Baltimore
  • Y/N proposed monitor has existing relationships with community groups and stakeholders in Baltimore
  • Y/N monitor proposes to work on Baltimore Consent Decree full time
  • # of full time people in monitoring proposal
  • Y/N proposal includes working with following affected groups
    • Black neighborhoods
    • Low-income neighborhoods
    • People with disabilities
    • LGBTQ community
    • Homeless people
    • Immigrant community
    • Youth
    • Formerly Incarcerated
  • Y/N monitoring team demonstrates experience in the following areas
    • Monitoring a consent decree
    • Addressing racial bias in policing
    • Gender-based bias in policing or handling sexual assault
    • community relations and outreach
    • Civil rights advocacy or law


This is the link to the snapshot:  Monitor one-page snapshots – FINAL

Take this opportunity to BE INVOLVED and let the Mayor’s office and the Department of Justice hear your voice in making the decision about what we, as a community, want in a Monitor for this Consent Decree!

Posted on July 14, 2017