West Baltimore Community Commission on Police Misconduct

Have you experienced police brutality or misconduct?
Have you been harassed by Baltimore City Police?
Have you witnessed police misconduct in your community?

The West Baltimore Community Commission on Police Misconduct
is holding a public hearing on Saturday May 16th at 12pm.
at Sharon Baptist Church
1373 N Stricker St

We know that the police violence and cover-up that has happened in our community in the past two weeks is not an isolated incident, but rather part of a long pattern.  The community cannot wait as the City stalls on collecting and sharing information.

The West Baltimore Community Commission intends to document the pattern of police brutality and misconduct in Sandtown/Winchester and West Baltimore.

Residents who have experienced or witnessed police brutality or misconduct are invited to testify at the May 16 hearing.
If you are interested in testifying, please call 410-787-2726 and provide your name and contact telephone number. You will receive a return call that provides further details about the format and plans for the May 16 public hearing.

Posted on May 4, 2015